Hair,  Hair,  Hair!




Free consultations with honest, realistic,  creative stylists guarantee you a desirable image whether it is colouring, cutting, blow drying, bridal styling or curls you require .


Cuts and Styles –

Our clients range from age 1-86 and cover all hair types and styles  from the fine Northern European hair to the thick Cypriot hair types and everything in between. Home of Holistics hosts experienced and competent hairdressers , for men, women and children.

Colour Changes-

If you want good results and healthy hair listen to the professional advice given freely from our stylist.

Colour can be used in many ways enhancing the vibrancy, tone and even thickness of you hair when used effectively. You can have full coverage in one colour,  high and low lights or a combination of different techniques to achieve the look you desire.

Colouring hair can be complex if your going for a completely different look. The stylist and will often recommend  drastic colour changes to be made over a period of weeks, this way the condition of your hair can be maintained and the overall colour will be more vibrant and longer lasting. Patience is always rewarded when it comes to drastic changes in hair colour this is more important if the changes are from a darker colour to blond.

Each individual client’s hair is assessed in detail first  by the stylist and it is sometimes deemed necessary  to perform a ‘strand test’ where by a strand of hair is carefully cut and tested to see how the hair reacts to the colour applied.

Products –

We use and recommend ‘KMS California’ Products as well as a small selection from other professional lines which clients and stylists enjoy using. We use Wella Colours.


Men’s Hair

Skilled in everything from standard head shaves and cuts to more complex cutting techniques and styles ,we offer something for all men regardless of style.


Popular too, is hair colouring to cover grey, bleaching and for those a little more adventurous with colour we stock funky colours: orange, purple, green, blue and pink which can be flashed through the hair or applied all over for the ultimate shock effect.

Whatever your choice and preference the ‘all important’ finishing touches and precision in style will be there before you leave.

We have some great products for short hair styles – matt finish products are proving very popular this season!