Growing and styling your beard with oil.

Healthy beards

Rugged and sexy beards of all lengths and styles are in fashion. Beard oil is a vital product necessary for keeping and maintaining the health of facial skin as well as insuring the hairs flourish and look good.

Why should I use Beard oil?

Beard oil prevents dry, itchy skin which typically happens when the stubble is becoming more ‘beard like’. This is around 1 month after the last shave. Short beards and stubble use natural oil  produced by skin keeps the hairs soft and supple.  As the hairs continue to get longer this amount produced is not enough to cover the growing length of the beard.

Do you want to rub your chin and appear wise OR scratch your face until it bleeds?. Lets assume you go for wise…..

Fashion your Growing Beard – oil recommendations.

The beard oil you need will have to have 3 qualities.

1, A nice smell.

2, Be moisturizing and leave the hairs feeling soft but not looking greasy.

3, Have soothing and antibacterial effect on the skin.

Beard oil containing coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or argan oil are all great ingredients to look out for. A product containing natural aromatherapy oils such as bergamot, cedarwood, tea tree and lemon are fresh and manly scents. A more exotic blend could include ylang ylang and patcholi, (2 of my favorites).

Beard balms is gaining popularity and may include bees wax and shea butter.

How to deal with deep ingrown hairs step by step?

When it all goes wrong  and you have an Ingrown Hair here is what needs to be done.

Ingrown hairs on the face and neck are the most painful, irritating and unsightly inconveniences a beard grower can experience. Lets fix it.

Step 1,   Boil clean water and add a few drops to a clean cotton pad.

Step 2,   Dab the heated, damp cotton pad gently onto the ingrown hair taking care not to burn but making sure to heat the skin well. The heat of the water on the skin will help to draw the hair {and any poison} to the surface of the skin. In some cases this needs to be done several times a day for a number of days, it depends how deep the hair is

Step 3,   Once the hair is visible under the skin (and whilst the skin is still warm) a needle can be sterilized and used to lift the hair releasing it from the skin. Avoid “digging” the hair out, when done correctly and the hair is ready this should be painless.

Step 4,   Remove the hair completely with tweezers and treat the skin with tea tree aromatherapy oil.

Happy Beard Growing Guys!






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