How do I choose a Holistic practitioner?

How do I choose a Holistic practitioner?

Before choosing a holistic practitioner its important to ask yourself questions. What do you believe will encourage health? and what do you believe will help you to heal?. Explore your main health concerns and decide on the best approach.

Practitioners specialize in skills which vary, some better suited than others depending on the present issue.

Your therapist should be open and help you to feel comfortable during your session.

Types of Practitioners to consider

Herbalists work with herbs and plants prescribing combinations in the form of teas, tinctures and compresses.

Reflexologists work on the souls of the feet using finger pressure on the foot reflexes. 

Acupuncturist work by inserting needles into the specific points along the meridians.

Homeopaths work by prescribing remedies which match the symptoms of imbalance present in the body and mind.

Bach Flower Remedy practitioners use the essence of flower remedies to alter the vibration of the clients energy fine, tuning the emotions and balancing physical symptoms.   

Aromatherapists select and blend aromatherapy oils with carrier oils, massage is used to apply the blended oils. 

Numerous therapies are available to choose from so its valuable to get recommendations to insure the best care. Its especially relevant to do some research, naturally the more informed you are the better choices are made.

What to expect.

Privacy and confidentiality. A responsible practitioner will know how to help you to feel at ease during your consultation, and furthermore should be able to remain non judgmental, open and able to respond to the details of your case.

Holistic practitioners need to be skilled listeners, after all who knows your situation better than you.

Information regarding your treatment plan needs to be understandable and clearly explained in addition to any aftercare or instructions necessary for between sessions.

A contact number should be give as a token of support, a good Therapist will offer reinforcement if deemed necessary.

Transparency regarding qualifications, training, and experience of the practitioner should be attainable through certifications and open conversation should you wish to inquire.  





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