Intimate Waxing. Brazilian, Hollywood or Bikini?

Whether its a Brazilian, Hollywood or Bikini wax you want, its professional and quick!.
I average at 10 minutes to remove ALL your unwanted hairs. My technique is excellent and I promise it will be as pain free as possible.

I have mastered the art of intimate waxing and you will be pleased to know I will not at any point during the treatment be touching you, although you will be asked to stretch your skin at various times to reduce pain and eliminate the possibility of bruising. (9 times out of 10 caused by a bad waxing technique….not my style , so relax)

Most clients remove underwear completely, which makes everything easier. I also remove hair from ‘behind’ and the buttocks if necessary.

I know this is a lot of information, but I also know its what 1st time clients want to ask!

To Clarify….

A Brazilian is where you leave a “landing strip” of hair.

A Hollywood is all hairs removed.

A bikini wax is done with the underwear on and removes all the hairs showing.

You can book a ‘Bikini wax’ even if you want Brazilian or Hollywood as I will allow the same amount of time for each treatment, saves you having to explain to reception in case your shy.




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